logo2The Iberoamerican Observatory of Health and Citizenship is a virtual space (www.iohc-pt.org) related to the subjects that its own name presents.

It brings together academics, policy makers and other associates, in order to record data, case experiences, successful and instructive public policies, good practices, case law, training models, new methodologies, tools and any other initiative useful to share. All this has the goal to create a place of relationship, training, meeting and dialogue at a graduate and post-graduate degree level and at the political sector area with base in the Iberoamerican perspective on citizenship related to health. Furthermore, a goal is also to conceive and sustain an experience of reflection, analysis, research, exchange and political proposal that organizes a community of knowledge and practice committed with health policies, citizenship and health education, always in search of a strong leadership in the field, that can be able to implement ideas and innovations in public policies related to health and citizenship in Iberoamerica.


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Iberoamerican Journal of Health and Citizenship